Aptar CSP has taken product and consumer protection to the next level with Activ-SealTM closures by building our desiccant technology into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap container.

This is an improvement over traditional methods of extending product shelf life, such as small canisters and sachets packaged along with products, which are time- and resource-consuming and carry the risk of accidental ingestion.

Are you looking for a smarter way to control moisture without the hassle of additional packaging components and equipment?

Aptar CSP Technologies integrated desiccant technology is the answer.

Effortless insertion technology

Aptar CSP Technologies takes product and consumer protection to the next level with Activ-Seal™ closures. Desiccant technology is press-fit into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap. The closure’s orifice reducing element with moisture and gas scavenging rests inside the bottleneck and is permanently affixed to the top rim of the bottle via patent-pending effortless insertion technology during the induction sealing process. This closure uses commercially available, tamper-evident induction seals which, once removed, enable metered dosing. The innovative Activ-Seal™ solution seamlessly provides moisture and gas scavenging capability to the bottle for its shelf life and consumer use life. Once the cap is induction sealed to the rim of the bottle, the desiccant technology becomes part of the bottle and cannot be removed.

Material science expertise

The orifice reducing element, with integrated scavenging technology, can scavenge moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and odors, providing numerous packaging options. Customized capacity and uptake rates enable you to achieve the performance requirements you need.

Seamless integration. Process efficiency.

Any standard bottle can be affixed with a permanent desiccant solution utilizing industry-standard capping systems, no additional parts are required and no changes to the packaging lines or processes are needed.

Design Options

  • Desiccated/Scavenging

  • Non-Desiccated/Non-Scavenging

  • Slim pro le Desiccated/ Scavenging Without Orifice Reducer


  • Versatile scavenging solution to absorb moisture, VOC’s or odors as required
  • Improve product stability
  • Incorporated directly into induction-seal closures and can be applied using existing capping equipment
  • No additional insertion equipment is required
  • Compatible with Child Resistant and non-Child
    Resistant Closures
  • Can’t be removed prematurely by consumer
  • Reduces cost and complexity, only one molded piece is needed to satisfy all scavenging needs
  • Eliminate risk of damage to solid dosage forms caused by physical contact with traditional scavengers
  • Eliminates risk of accidental ingestion