Food Safety

Since 1965, Aptar CSP has been a trusted packaging solutions provider for food industry customers, including those in the fresh cut fruits and vegetables, seafood, dairy, confectionary, and spices sectors.

Utilized to preserve and protect a wide range of consumable products, Aptar CSP’s innovative solutions extend shelf-life and incorporate value-added design features that make products stand out from competitors.

Aptar CSP’s solutions are available in virtually any format, from molded flip-top tubes to powder-dispensing caps. Aptar CSP’s Activ-PolymerTM technology and Activ-FilmTM materials provide product protection to ensure freshness and increase brand recognition. Activ-PolymerTM technology, as well as a collection of materials comprising the Activ-FilmTM portfolio, are specifically formulated to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union guidelines for Food and Drug Contact.

Aptar CSP launched a revolutionary solution. The new SeaWell™ protective packaging system features integrated absorbent technology incorporated into wells at the bottom to absorb excess fluid, reducing exposure and lessening potential damages to food products.



  • Extended Shelf-life
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition, Decorative In-mold Labeling
  • High-speed Manufacturing and Assembly
  • In-mold Labeling Technology
  • Tamper-evident Features Available
  • Tight, Leak-proof Containers
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