Activ-PolymerTM Technology

Based on breakthrough science, Aptar CSP Technologies’ three-phase Activ-Polymer™ technology enables a new class of plastic compounds that can be engineered to meet a range of product stability needs.

Aptar CSP desiccant materials technology can manipulate the kinetics of adsorption, absorption or release of gasses through formulation.

Activ-Polymer™ technology provides the ability to control small molecule transport through the polymer. This enables Aptar CSP to engineer compounds with a variety of properties – from absorbing or emitting specific molecules to enabling electronic or ionic transport.

The technology offers tremendous manufacturing flexibility. Products can be extruded, injection molded or blow molded to meet virtually any form factor requirement.

The pathways created by the interaction of these constituents allow for the controlled movement of gasses into and out of the polymer. This enables us to engineer compounds that absorb or transmit gas molecules into the atmosphere of the package to help maintain an optimal environment.


  • Expertise in Material Science
  • Patented Technology
  • In-house Analytical Capabilities

Characteristics of Activ-Polymer™ technology

  • A majority polymer that serves as the base component and provides structure for the final product.
  • An active particle that provides the desired characteristics, such as absorption or adsorption of moisture, gasses or odors;  release  of aromas or antimicrobials; or transmittal  to enhance the gas transmission rates of the polymer.
  • A minority polymer that is immiscible (non-mixing) in the majority polymer and has a chemical attraction for the active particle, creating pathways for complete access to the active particles.