Testing, Analytics, & Other Services

Aptar CSP provides end-to-end services for designing, engineering and, manufacturing breakthrough product protection solutions. Our team of scientists and technical engineers is committed to delivering products and performance that meet the highest quality standards.

Aptar CSP engineers work closely with your development team to analyze your technical requirements. We conduct routine testing and analysis in every aspect of the development and manufacturing process to ensure our customized active solutions meet or exceed your critical requirements for product stability. Our commitment to scientific innovation and quality processes ensures Aptar CSP solutions deliver the highest levels of stability performance under real-world conditions.

A key advantage of working with Aptar CSP is the expertise of our team. Our team consists of industry professionals trained in diverse disciplines – from product design and mold engineering to analytical techniques and quality assurance. They work collaboratively to ensure the finished product meets the highest quality and performance standards while striving to exceed customer expectations.

When we design a new product in addition to designing for the functionality of the product we also are very focused on designing it for successful manufacturing. Through the development process, we utilize statistical techniques to define all of the Critical-to- Quality raw material properties and process parameters and ensure process capability. Finally, once we are manufacturing the product we use a combination of process monitoring, statistical analysis, in process automated inspections, statistical sampling of discrete characteristics, post-processing automated inspections and statistical testing and analysis of continuous product characteristics to ensure the product we send to our customers will meet or exceed a Six Sigma level of quality for all critical to quality characteristics.

Types of Testing

  • Process monitoring
  • Statistical analysis
  • Process automated inspections
  • Statistical sampling
  • Discrete characteristics
  • Post-processing automated inspections
  • Statistical testing and analysis